Creating a Backup

Once you've loaded your connectors in the Transfer Wizard, you can backup your data by:

  • Clicking 'Backup'.
  • From Backup Options:
    • ☐ Archive (zip files before transfer): Turning this feature on will put all the contents you have selected in the source into a .zip file in the destination. This is handy for saving space or only capturing new or modified data (in conjunction with our incremental feature).
      • However, please note that not all destinations will have native support for unzipping this archive file. Additionally, the .zip file size is limited by the file size limitations of the cloud service provider.
    • ☑ Incremental (only copy differences): We almost always recommend leaving this option on, so that we only transfer new or modified files. If you wish to take a full "snapshot" of the source every time we transfer, you should disable the incremental function.
    • Email Options: You have the option to receive emails Always, On Errors, or Never.
  • Backup Schedule: You can then customize the timing of the transfer schedule - Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. At this time we don't allow a higher frequency than hourly. We also recommend picking a time that isn't at a common interval (x:00, for example) to avoid queue times.
  • Click Save Backup and you're set! Your backup will run when you specified it to and you'll receive feedback based on your settings.

See below for an example of what our backup interface looks like:

Mover Backup Options