Mapping or Pairing Your Users

User Mapping

When you've added two multi-user administrator Connectors to the Transfer Wizard, we will automatically match up users who are perfect matches (ie. to and take you to the Migration Manager. Your user transfer pairings will be immediately visible in the rows.

If there are extra users in the source or destination, there will be user transfer pairings with no source or destination listed because we couldn't find a match for them. This means if you'd like to transfer from those sources or destinations, you will need to edit the paths accordingly.

Alternatively, you can upload a CSV for all users and migration paths. Read about the steps for that here.

Permission Mapping

To edit or update the Permission Mapping, click on the Edit Permission Map button on the top right to make the Permission Map tool appear. From here, you can:

  • Auto-Detect Users: This feature works to automatically find perfect matches in your existing users and match them together.
    • You will then need to check for users that haven't been matched and match them yourself.
    • You can also check the list of users that have been matched for accuracy.
  • Upload CSV: The steps for uploading a CSV permission map are outlined here.

Important Notes:

  • By default, we will transfer the sharing permissions from source to destination where we can using the permission map in the Migration Manager (some limitations - see our permissions page).
  • The mapping process uses a type-ahead - this allows you to type in a partial username in order to find it and add it to the destination column.
  • If you don't wish to transfer the permissions from a particular user in the source, leave the destination pairing blank or assign those permissions to another user in the destination.
  • There is a difference between data and permissions. Owned data is transferred by way of the source & destination user paths in the Migration Manager. Permissions transfer means we will reshare out that data in the destination by recreating the sharing scheme of the source using the permission map you have helped to create.

Mapping Your Users