Migration Manager Overview

Our Migration Manager is a powerful tool for small, medium, or large scale migrations. Here's a quick rundown of everything it can do:

  • If you have multiple migrations created, you can select which one you would like to manage using the dropdown menu at the top.
  • For every mapping/pairing, you can:
    • Change the "Source Path" directory. For example, moving data from the "Sales" folder within "admin@meshcanada.com" would be "/admin@meshcanada.com/Sales". Remember to hit Save once you've done this!
    • Change the "Destination Path" directory. Remember to hit Save once you've done this!
    • Under Actionsâ–Ľ, you can:
      • Duplicate a user pairing, which is helpful if you want to create multiple mappings for individual folders in a particular user, or just create new, specific folder-to-folder transfers.
      • Delete a user pairing.
  • You can also hit Edit Permission Map in the top right to modify the permission map. The permission map will help us recreate the sharing scheme in the destination based on the source and how you map those permissions between the users in both environments.
  • When you're ready, you can hit Stage for Migration > on all the users you'd like to migrate at this particular time (you can always migrate more later). You'll be asked to agree to our Terms & Conditions and agree to be billed for the migration.

Migration Manager