Viewing a Transfer Log

An excellent way to troubleshoot transfer issues is to view the log associated with it. This will tell you the action we've performed on each file: download, upload, or skip if it's not new or modified compared to the source. If our app runs into any problems, you'll receive an error message next to the file commenting on what happened.

Our transfer logs open up in your browser, and allow you to filer and sort through them using the columns and search bar.

For help reading your transfer logs, please visit this link.

To view a transfer log, complete the following steps:

  • Select the transfer you would like to view the log for from the Migration Manager.
  • Click the User Actions dropdown menu.
  • Select View Log and a new window will open with your log.
    • If you have selected multiple transfers/logs, we will put them in .csv format together in a .zip file for easy downloading.