Box (Administrator)

Connector Creation

Authorizing Box as an administrator is straightforward. To authorize or add a Multi-User Box Enterprise account as a Connector, follow these simple steps:

IMPORTANT! You absolutely MUST be the top-level, account owner, Administrator. THE Administrator. If you attempt to authorize as a co-admin it will appear to work but in reality you will not have access to any administrator data, even your own account.

  • Select Box Enterprise from the Connector list in the Transfer Wizard.
  • Click Authorize a new Box Enterprise account.
  • Name your Connector.
  • If you are not already logged in you can use either your Box credentials or a SSO account. The example GIF below demonstrates using OneLogin for SSO, although your provider may differ.
  • Click Authorize, and voila!

Adding a Box Enterprise account to Mover


App Permissions: Your organization may default all apps to disabled. Below is a quick guide on how to ensure Mover is enabled.

  • Visit Apps under Enterprise Settings
  • Search for "mover" under¬†Individual Application Controls
  • Ensure "Available" is selected beside the Mover Enterprise app

Troubleshooting Box App Permissions

Folder Taxonomy: Your organization may have selected a closed folder taxonomy - this means that users can not create folders in the root of their Box account, to preserve the company folder structure. If you are migrating into Box, you will need to have an open folder taxonomy so that we can create folders on behalf of each user we are transferring into.