How do I delete my account?

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Follow these steps to close your Mover account (including scheduled transfers, connector authorizations, and subscriptions associated with it):

  • Click on the email associated with your Mover account in the top right corner. This will take you to the settings related to your account.
  • On the left hand side, click on Leave Mover.
  • Read all of the text on that page.
  • If you're ready, click Delete Account.
  • A prompt will show up, and you will need to type "DELETE" into the prompt text box to complete the account deletion.

Rerun a Transfer

To reiterate:

  • Deleting your account will:
    • Delete all scheduled transfers.
    • Delete all connector authorizations.
    • Delete any subscriptions associated with your account.
    • Delete your Mover account.
  • This will not:
    • Delete your transfer history. We retain these for security and compliance.
    • Remove any trace that your account once existed with Mover.

Please note: Deleting your account is not reversable.