How does your incremental feature work?

Our incremental feature works by comparing the destination directory with the source, and transferring over the new or modified files only. We do this by comparing the timestamps of the files in both the source and destination and transferring the newest versions of a file or folder. The incremental feature will always be on for Migrations.

Here are a few examples of how we deal with changes to files and folders.

Source File or Folder Contents Change: Say you've edited a word document in your source or added a few new files- we'll transfer new and modified files to your destination on the next incremental rerun, and overwrite the previously existing file(s) in the destination.

Source File or Folder Name Change: If you change the name of a file or folder in the source, we will treat it as a brand new object. This can lead to duplicate files being placed in your destination (or worse) entire folders' worth of data being duplicated from the changed folder downwards.

  • Example: Changing the path "/FolderA/FolderB/" to "/FolderC/FolderB/" will have our app create a new folder called "FolderC" and then copy all the files and folders within to the destination, regardless of whether there is another "FolderB" in the destination or not.

Incremental Feature