Migration Manager Overview

Our Migration Manager is a powerful tool for small, medium, and large scale migrations. Here's a quick rundown of everything it can do:

  • If you have multiple migrations created, you can select which one you would like to manage using the dropdown menu at the top.
  • Click on Edit Permission Map to review the permissions to be transferred from the source and applied to the destination.
  • Migration Report will download a detailed .csv with everything you would want to know about the current status of your migration. If you haven't yet run the migration, this will be blank.
  • Refresh will refresh the transfer statistics listed on the page. These automatically refresh on a frequent basis.
  • For every user transfer pairing that you select, you can perform User Actions▼:
    • View Log
      • Viewing the log for a single user transfer pairing will show you the transfer log for the most recent transfer. If multiple users are selected, a .zip file of the transfer logs will be downloaded.
    • Edit
      • This option allows you to edit the source and destination directory paths. When you click Edit, we’ll show you the contents of the folder you’ve selected (or was selected by default) in the user transfer pairing, and you can modify these paths by clicking through the directories.
    • Expand/Collapse
      • Expanding or collapsing user transfer pairings will allow you to see, or hide, all previous transfers and reruns for that particular pairing.
    • Cancel
      • This option only works for running transfers. Cancelling a user transfer pairing will stop further data transfer. To rerun the transfer(s) after cancellation, simply stage and run the user transfer pairing(s) again.
    • Duplicate
      • This option will duplicate the user transfer pairing, keeping the directory paths and options the same.
    • Schedule
      • Scheduling a user transfer pairing is helpful if you want to transfer data at off-peak times, such as during the night, or schedule an incremental transfer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
    • Set Email Notifications
      • Email notifications can be set for Always, Never, or Only on errors.
    • Delete
      • This option will delete a user transfer pairing.
  • When you're ready, you can hit Start Migrating x Users after selecting all the users you'd like to migrate at this particular time (you can always migrate more later). You'll be asked to agree to our Terms & Conditions and agree to be billed for the migration.

Migration Manager