Uploading a CSV for migration users

In order to create a migration via a list of users in a CSV please ensure that it follows this strict format:

Source Path, Destination Path
/user@example.com/src dir, /user@example.com/dest dir

If necessary, you may wrap a path value in quotation marks. For example, if you need to enter a path that contains a comma. Eg. "/user/my, comma, dir/"

Please note that Mover will strip all leading and trailing spaces from each path value, unless it is wrapped in quotation marks.

Users are treated as directories by Mover! For example: /admin@mover.io will transfer the contents of the root directory for the user admin@mover.io.

You may be working with an Excel spreadsheet with your users. Ensure you have two columns, one titled Source Path, and one Destination Path, with the relative usernames and directories listed. You can then export your Excel spreadsheet as a CSV.

Exporting as CSV in Excel

  1. File
  2. Save As
  3. Select CSV from the File Format options.