Uploading a CSV for permission map

In order to create a permission map via a list of users in a CSV please ensure that it follows this strict format:

Source User, Destination User
example.com, example.com
corp.example.com, example.com
user@example.com, differentuser@example.com

Permission maps should have two specific entries:

  1. Any domain names that will be wildcard matched. Eg. mover.io, mover.io or contoso.com, corp.contoso.com. This will instruct Mover to match any users with those domains names in their source email and map them to the destination email.
  2. Imperfect matches. Users that are differently named between the source and destination domains need to be explicitly listed. Eg. firstname@contoso.com, firstname_lastname@contoso.com

Please note that Mover will strip all leading and trailing spaces from each path value, unless it is wrapped in quotation marks.

You may be working with an Excel spreadsheet with your users. Ensure you have two columns, one titled Source User, and one Destination User, with the relative domains and usernames listed. You can then export your Excel spreadsheet as a CSV.

Exporting as CSV in Excel

  1. File
  2. Save As
  3. Select CSV from the File Format options.