What is a Connector?

A Connector is what we call our link to your cloud storage accounts.

In order to set up a transfer, you will need to help us create a link to your cloud storage accounts - without this link, we are unable to communicate with them. The process to do so is quite easy - click here for a tutorial on how to add a Google Drive connector.

Creating a connector will involve logging in to your cloud storage account through our interface, or directly logging in to a service like WebDAV or Amazon S3, and authorizing Mover access to your files in that account. After completing this once, Mover will then be able to communicate with your cloud storage provider and it will then be a simple matter of selecting this connector each time you make a transfer involving that particular service.

Our authorization is lost when you delete the Connector, delete your Mover account, revoke access to our app through your cloud service provider's third-party app or security settings, or change your password (for non-OAuth services like FTP).

Mover Connectors